1. Install package

     composer require unisharp/laravel-filemanager:~1.8
  2. (optional) Edit config/app.php :

    * For Laravel 5.5 and up, skip to step 3. All service providers and facades are automatically discovered.

    Add service providers


    And add class aliases

     'Image' => Intervention\Image\Facades\Image::class,

    Code above is for Laravel 5.1. In Laravel 5.0 should leave only quoted class names.

  3. Publish the package’s config and assets :

     php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_config
     php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lfm_public
  4. Run commands to clear cache :

     php artisan route:clear
     php artisan config:clear
  5. Ensure that the files & images directories (in config/lfm.php) are writable by your web server (run commands like chown or chmod).

  6. Create symbolic link :

     php artisan storage:link
  7. Edit APP_URL in .env.

What’s next

  1. Check the integration document to see how to apply this package.

  2. Check the config document to discover the flexibility of this package.